Best Practices for Onboarding New Real Estate Agents


Recruiting Real Estate Agents

When you hire real estate agents, you don’t expect them to immediately generate leads for your agency – you might hope for it, but that is rarely the case. 

However, there are ways in which you can motivate real estate agents, even fresh ones into becoming top ranking agents.

Best Practices for Recruiting Real Estate Agents

Getting your real estate agents to become comfortable with you, your office, your team members and all the software you use might seem tedious, but it can be easier than you think. 

Following a certain process can help ease the process for them, and get acclimated to the entire workforce and workload.

Welcome Them

Transitioning from one job to another or no job to a full-time job can become tough, especially in the real estate world where work can become overwhelming. 

You might be a veteran of the real estate market and know all there is to know, from recognizing the best CRMs for real estate agents to how to schedule your routine, but a new employee needs time to and some affection to get into the groove and feel comfortable.

Explain The Process

Your office most likely has its own way of getting things done, whether it be traditional or unique. However, you need to explain it to the new employee. They might have their own ways of getting things done, and not have any idea of your process.

Whether it be new software to them or a new way of doing things, explaining it to them and reassuring them that asking questions is something you encourage – putting it out there helps them get better.

Don’t expect them to get it right away, and welcome any questions they have no matter how simple or complex they may seem.


Documentation is very important in any onboarding process, and making sure it is all ready in time helps both you and the new recruit settle in. 

The documentation will include the transfer of the recruit’s licenses, tax forms, and etc. You can also take the help of brokerages to optimize the process to complete it faster.

Training Routine

Have a training routine set out for the new recruit at a specific time everyday, preferably as they come in, and allow them to learn everything in their own time afterwards. 

The training programs should include everything from how the office delegates the work, what person does what to all the softwares in use, and how to work them. 

Everything Together

Make sure to give all the information regarding onboarding to your new recruit in one folder – this will help them find any and all information they need from one spot. Not to mention, this also eases instructions you give them, as everything can be found in one folder. 

Just as CRMs in real estate, providing one area for all the information will allow your worker to streamline themselves in the new office. 

Acclimation Period

After everything has been handed out to the new employee and they have learned how the entire firm works, give them time. As already mentioned, they need to be able to get used to the work that you have given them.

Why the Onboarding Process in Real Estate is Important

If team members you have hired do not do their part and start to fail in their job, this turns into a bad look on you. Hiring them was your initiative and your decision at the end of the day, and especially if they were good prospects who now have no grit and determination – it is an issue that you have created with a lack of leadership.

To ensure your on boarded employees do not lose track of their goals; both personal and professional, make sure you do these things:

  • Take accountability for their actions in order to give yourself to pressure to make them work for the growth of the business and to work with purpose
  • Create a structure for them to follow. Make procedures that not only help make the work efficient and their job easier to understand, but also to allow them a chance to understand why each task is being done the way you are doing it
  • Follow through on the training by ensuring they know that they have learned everything they need to know already in order to accomplish the tasks you set them. Slowly build up the difficulty of their tasks, but start them slow in order to motivate them and let them think that they are ready to take on more difficult tasks

Hiring new employees can be a breath of fresh air for any office space, but your agency needs to run at a high pace in order to keep generating leads, and you want your hires to have a positive effect on your workplace. Letting them slowly adjust into the workforce while also holding them accountable for their work will get them in the rhythm.  


Overall, all offices run differently, even if its minute changes – which is why any new employee must be given the benefit of the doubt of around a month to learn everything and come to grips with how everything works.

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