Living Off-Campus: Why a 3 Bedroom Student Apartment Is a Great Option


3 bedroom

Were you aware that over two-thirds of college freshmen live off-campus?

Living off-campus offers a different experience compared to living in a dorm. One great alternative to dorms for off-campus living is a 3 bedroom student apartment.

Why is this student housing option the better move? Find out in our 3 bedroom student apartment guide.

Student Apartment Amenities

A three-bedroom student apartment often comes with excellent amenities. These apartments usually have a kitchen, living room, and sometimes even a laundry room. Having a kitchen means you can cook your meals, which is healthier and often cheaper than eating out.

A living room provides a common space to relax and socialize with roommates. Some apartments even have study areas or small libraries, perfect for late-night study sessions.

Access to a laundry room means you won’t have to carry your laundry to a laundromat. Other amenities might include Wi-Fi, gym access, and parking spaces. These features make life more comfortable and convenient.

Budget-Friendly Housing Solutions

Living in a three-bedroom apartment at Canvas Townhomes Morgantown can be a budget-friendly housing solution. Splitting the rent with two roommates lowers individual costs. Compared to a one-bedroom or studio apartment, a three-bedroom apartment is often cheaper per person.

Utility costs like electricity and water can also be shared among roommates. This shared expense can make living in a nice apartment affordable.

Student Housing Flexibility

A three-bedroom student apartment offers great flexibility. You can choose your roommates, which allows you to live with friends or people with similar lifestyles. If a roommate moves out, finding a replacement is often easier in a larger apartment.

Some landlords also offer flexible lease terms, such as short-term leases or month-to-month options. This flexibility is particularly helpful for students who may only need housing for a semester or who plan to study abroad for part of the year.

Student Accommodation

Three-bedroom student apartments provide better student accommodation compared to dorms. Dorms can be noisy and crowded, with shared bathrooms and little privacy. In a three-bedroom apartment, you have more space and privacy.

You can have your own room to study, sleep, and relax. Sharing the common areas with only a few people means less noise and more control over your living environment. This can lead to a better focus on studies and a more enjoyable living experience.

Cost-Effective Housing

A three-bedroom student apartment is a cost-effective housing option. Besides saving on rent and utilities, living off-campus can also reduce other expenses. For example, you can avoid costly meal plans required by some dorms.

Cooking at home is generally cheaper than dining out or buying campus meal plans. Many off-campus apartments are also located in neighborhoods with lower costs of living. This means cheaper grocery stores, restaurants, and other services.

Over time, these savings add up, making a three-bedroom apartment a wise financial choice.

A 3 Bedroom Student Apartment Is a Fantastic Idea

A 3 bedroom student apartment offers numerous advantages for students. For many students, it’s the ideal choice for off-campus living.

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