Discover the True Taste of Italy: A Guide to Authentic Italian Pizzas


authentic italian pizzas

In Australia, we chow down 264 million pizzas every year, which shows how much we love Italian cuisine.

Familiarizing yourself with the different types of pizza will not only give you street cred but bring you closer to your dream slice. Luckily, once you know the characteristics of each one, it will stay with you for good.

If you want to brush up on your pizza trivia, you’ve come to the right place. Read our guide to authentic Italian pizzas.

Neapolitan Style Pizza

One of the most popular pizza varieties is Neapolitan. This style is soft with a slightly hard, round crust. These pizzas are baked at a high temperature and only for 90 seconds, so you can easily fold the slice. The beauty is that you can find this style everywhere, whether you’re hunting down Brisbane’s best pizza or in another far-flung country. 

Roman Style Pizza

Anyone passionate about artisanal pizza crafting is familiar with Roman-style pizza. These pizzas are rectangular and are often thick with fresh ingredients, such as mozzarella, premium meats, and extra-virgin olive oil. Although most pizzas are baked in brick ovens, Roman-style pizzas are baked in electric ones, so you can recreate it with your favorite Italian pizza toppings. 

Milan Style Pizza

In Milan, locals enjoy pizza al trancio, or “pizza by the slice”. This style is soft and is drenched in mozzarella, creating a satisfying bite. As you can imagine, it’s a rich pizza, which could be problematic if you are exploring Italian pizza flavors and want a mild option. 


A unique take on pizza is the calzone. This is where you fold a full-sized pizza in half, so the toppings are on the inside. “Calzone” comes from the Italian word “calza”, which means “pant leg”. The reason why chefs invented calzones is so that you can enjoy a pizza on the go. 

Calzones are usually filled with ham or salami and Italian cheese, but you can stuff yours depending on your taste. You can even find fried calzones in Apulia in Italy, which are called panzerotti. 

Popular Toppings on Your Pizza

Luckily, there are endless possibilities for authentic pizza ingredients. For the base, you need tomato sauce, cheese, and basil or oregano for a basic pizza. Or, if you want a change, ditch the tomato sauce and choose a white pizza instead. 

The exciting part about pizza is you can load up as many toppings as you want. Popular meat options include Italian salami and prosciutto. If you are a seafood fanatic, you may prefer a frutti di mare where you sink your teeth into shrimps, anchovies, and squid for a delicious bite. 

Learn About Authentic Italian Pizzas Today

Now that you know the main authentic Italian pizzas, it’s time to get tasting. 

Start by learning the popular types of pizza, such as Neapolitan, Roman, and Milan-style pizza. You can then decide how many or a few toppings you want on your slice, depending on your mood. Happy eating!

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