Exploring the Different Types of Breast Lifts and Which One Is Right for You


Exploring the Different Breast Lifts

A woman’s breasts are important and can affect her self-esteem. As we age, breasts can sag or lose shape due to pregnancy, weight changes, and aging. This may cause unhappiness with one’s looks and affect well-being.

Thankfully, different breast lifts can help make breasts look youthful again. This guide will explain the different types of breast lifts and help you choose the right one.

Crescent Lift

The crescent lift, or partial mastopexy, is a simple procedure. A cut is made along the top half of the areola. It helps people with slight sagging or uneven breasts.

During the crescent lift, extra skin and tissue are taken out to reshape and lift the breast. This makes the breasts look younger. The procedure is usually done on an outpatient basis with minimal scarring.

Circumareolar Lift

The circumareolar lift, also called the periareolar or “donut” lift, involves a circular cut around the areola. It works well for mild to moderate sagging and can fix large areolas.

The surgeon removes extra skin and reshapes the breast for a lifted look. It can also be combined with implants to add volume.

Vertical Lift

The vertical lift, or lollipop lift, involves two cuts – one around the nipple and another from the bottom of the nipple to the breast crease. This method is good for people with moderate sagging or those who have lost a lot of weight.

Extra skin and tissue are removed, and the remaining tissue is reshaped and lifted. The vertical lift gives a more defined breast shape and can be paired with breast implants for added volume.

Anchor Lift

The anchor breast lift also called the inverted T or keyhole lift, is for those with a lot of sagging. It requires three cuts: one around the areola, one from the areola to the breast crease, and one along the breast crease.

Through these cuts, extra skin and tissue are removed, and the remaining tissue is shaped and lifted. This method can also be paired with breast implants for more volume.

Choosing the Right Breast Lift

Before choosing among these different types of breast lifts, consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon. Here are the factors to consider:

Degree of Sagging

The amount of sagging will determine which of these types of breast lift will best address your concerns. For mild to moderate sagging, a crescent or circumareolar lift may be suitable. More significant sagging may require a vertical or anchor lift.

Nipple Position

If your nipples are pointing downward and below the breast crease, an anchor lift may be necessary to reposition them. If the nipples are low but still above the breast crease, a vertical lift may suffice.

Breast Size and Shape

The current size and shape of your breasts will also play a role in determining the best type of breast lift for you. Women with larger breasts may benefit from an anchor or vertical lift to achieve a more lifted and proportionate appearance.

Desired Outcome

Communication with your surgeon is key to achieving your desired outcome. Be open and honest about your expectations, and they can help guide you toward the best type of breast lift for you.

Explore the Different Types of Breast Lifts with this Guide

A breast lift can boost confidence and well-being. Your plastic surgeon might suggest different types of breast lifts based on various factors. Consult a board-certified professional before any procedure for the best results. Don’t hesitate to talk to a plastic surgeon to find the best lift for you.

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