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Manaslu Trek

One of Nepal’s best off-the-beaten-path trekking destinations is the Manaslu Region. The eighth-tallest mountain in the world, Mount Manaslu is surrounded by stunning mountains, expansive valleys, a vibrant culture, a vast variety of flora, and an abundance of natural resources. The best way to discover all of these things in the Manaslu Region is to go on a 14-day Manaslu Circuit Trek.

The Manaslu Circuit Trek is not something you can do alone. A porter and a guide are required for the Manaslu Circuit Trek. It is not required to have a porter, but having a licensed guide is. In order to preserve the Manaslu Region’s natural and cultural attractiveness, the Nepali government has placed limitations on it. The abundant flora and fauna in the area are safeguarded by the government plan. Furthermore, the region surrounding Manaslu is remote and little-known. The Manaslu Circuit Trek requires a guide, as mandated by the government. 

You now have a little understanding of the benefits of hiring a porter and a guide for the Manaslu circuit hike. Everything you need to hire a porter and guide for the Manaslu Circuit Trek is available on this blog. It could be helpful to you.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Overview

One of the best adventures in the relatively unexplored Manaslu Region is the Manaslu Circuit Trek. This is a stroll to learn more about the location of the world’s eighth-highest cliff. The 12-day Manaslu Trek reaches its pinnacle at 5,125 meters above sea level at Larkya La Pass. 

The trek begins in Soti Khola and passes through the Manaslu Region’s traditional settlements. Eventually, broad valleys, verdant grasslands, lakes, glaciers, mountains, tall ridges, roaring rivers, and a variety of flora begin to emerge. The beauty of the surroundings grows as you stroll. Since this walk takes place in a seldom-visited area, everything is brand-new.

You will become acquainted with the many individuals, their lifestyles, and their customs. Similarly, you will experience a rush from the thrilling walk to Larkya La Pass (5,125m). On the walk, snow-covered peaks such as Himlung, Annapurna II, Manaslu, Gyaji Kung, and Kang Garu will be visible frequent sights. 

The Manaslu Circuit Trek, to put it briefly, is a fantastic opportunity to discover the uncharted Manaslu Region. People can fall in love with the place with the serene trail.

Hire a Guide for Manaslu Circuit Trek On USD 25 to 30

For the Manaslu Circuit Trek, you have to hire a guide. You will not be able to obtain a Manaslu special trekking permit without a guide. A government-licensed guide is someone who has extensive expertise leading trekking trails. If he hails from the Manaslu Region, all the better. 

The Manaslu Region is now a restricted region according to the Nepalese government. The government took this action in order to better preserve and protect the pristine Manaslu Region’s ecological variety. Therefore, it is not permissible for foreigners to visit the region at will. They must hike with a certified guide and two other people at minimum. Thus, you will need to hire a guide if you wish to perform the Manaslu Trek. There are benefits to hiring a guide for the Manaslu Circuit Trek. Look them over below: 
You’ll find it much simpler to navigate the trail. 
Locating a place to stay and meals is not difficult. 
improved correspondence with the community. 
a description and briefing on the locations and items on the hike. 
When you are in danger or need assistance, a guide will be there for you. 
A guide can negotiate favorable prices for lodging and meals. 
With the assistance of a guide, altitude sickness can be prevented. 
The entire journey will be remembered and has greater significance. 
A guide provides instructions and assistance during the journey.

Hire a Porter for Manaslu Circuit Trek on USD 20 to 25

Whether or not to hire a porter for the Manaslu Circuit Trek is entirely up to you. A porter is a person who will carry your equipment while you trek. If you feel that your goods or baggage are too heavy for you to carry, you can hire a porter. 

You can simply stroll with your guide if you would rather not carry your pack. A porter is not required for the walk until you need them, in contrast to a guide. Whether or not to hire a porter for the Manaslu Circuit Trek is entirely up to you. You might be wondering why hiring a porter for the Manaslu Circuit Trek is a wise idea. 

Your bags will be carried by a porter for you during the walk. Hiking is a better option in the mountains than hauling big goods. A porter will ensure the security of your belongings. A porter makes it possible for you to feel at home. It is easier to travel with a porter.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Guide Cost

For a hike like the Manaslu Circuit Trek, having a certified trekking guide is a godsend. The guide will lead the journey, assist in locating lodging, ensure that you have food and drink, provide you with information on the locals and their customs, and much more. 

He will, in short, make the entire trip very enjoyable. You are required to pay them for the service. A certified guide for the Manaslu Circuit Trek costs between $25 and $30 USD each day. The pay covers your guide’s insurance, meals, and lodging expenses.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Porter Cost

Porters transport items that you are unable to bring on a hiking expedition. If you are unable to carry your backpack and belongings by yourself, you will only hire a porter. Hiring a porter can be a lifesaver in this situation. You will enjoy a pleasant stroll rather than a strenuous trek in the Manaslu region. 

The pay for porters is between $20 and $25 USD per day, which covers their expenses like food, lodging, and insurance. Additionally, a porter/guide can be hired. They will carry your backpack and other belongings and show you the way. If you’re looking for an inexpensive getaway, you may have an option. You should expect to pay roughly $25 USD each day for a porter and guide.

Things to Consider While hiring a Guide and Porter for Manaslu Trek

Employ an experienced porter or guide for the hike. You may not receive satisfactory service if your guide lacks expertise and experience. Your guide ought to have strong communication abilities. You two ought to communicate with one another. Likewise, the individual must possess good handling and management skills. Something like this can only be known by an experienced guide.

Government Licensed Holder 

The licenses your guide and porter need to perform their jobs are valid. After careful examination, the Nepali government grants licenses to prospective guides and porters. Furthermore, obtaining a hiking permit is contingent upon the presence of a certified guide. Thus, confirm that the guide you employ is licensed. There should be no unlawful involvement at all from the trekking guide. Thus, the only people who can be trusted and are more likely to perform well are licensed guides and porters.

Local Knowledge

The best way to travel in the Manaslu Region is with a local guide. The porter or guide ought to be familiar with the location, the locals, and their way of life. You cannot have a wonderful trekking experience without a guide like this. Therefore, make sure your tour is a local who has extensive knowledge of the area.

Full Time

Hiring a guide from an agency is preferable to hiring a guide independently. The full-time guides employed by authorized trekking companies are more knowledgeable and polished. Such a guide should be expected to be more professionally equipped. Thus, pick a reputable local trekking company, and they will provide you a knowledgeable guide for you. 


To ensure that your Manaslu Circuit Trek is an unforgettable experience, hire a guide and porter. You now understand the significance of hiring a porter and a guide. The purpose of the porter and guide is to reduce stress and make life easier. In the Manaslu Region, having a trekking guide is mandatory. All is well, though, with that. 

The Manaslu Region is not as developed as the Everest and Annapurna Regions, as you can see. The location’s distance from you can make things difficult at times. For this reason, a trustworthy adviser is a gift. With a guide, your challenges will be both yours and ours. Similar to this, the porter facilitates your journey by bearing your bulky items.

So, hiring a porter and guide makes the Manaslu Circuit Trek easier. You can contact us if you have the same desires. We’ve been assisting tourists in Nepal for a very long time, and we have an excellent team of knowledgeable guides and porters.

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