Know the Thrill of Jeeping in Israel, An Unforgettable Journey on Four Wheels


Jeeping in Israel

Up for an adventurous journey full of excitement and thrill? Try jeeping in Israel. When we talk about Israel as a tourist place the first thing that comes to our minds is religious and historical. Due to its close connection to Christianity and Bible Israel is a popular destination for pilgrims. However, Israel is more than just a place with historical and religious significance. It is full of awe-inspiring natural wonders and scenic beauties. If you want to explore this side of Israel you must take on a jeeping journey. This is something you have never experienced before. Once you take an adventurous journey on four wheels, you will remember it for a lifetime. So what’s special about jeeping in Israel? Let’s find out.  

Reasons for Taking Jeep Tours in Israel 

Jeeping in Israel has a lot to offer. You can explore Israel in a new way through jeep tours. Let me make a list of what is in store for you if you decide to take a jeep journey. 

  1. The excitement of off-roading: Taking a jeep tour allows you to explore the less-travelled roads. The uneven terrain and ruggedness of these roads are a whole new experience. Riding on a rocky path with beautiful sceneries will let you taste the wild beauty of Israel. 
  2. Exploring the Hidden Beauties of Israel: Imagine finding some beautiful places by chance while travelling to another destination you have prepared for. Yes, Israel is full of that kind of surprises. On four wheels you can find places with wonderful scenery that you can not find by any other means. Beautiful waterfalls in the northern region, mysterious caves, and secret tunnels, Israel has it all. Taking a jeep tour will open up a whole new Israel for you. 
  3. Experiencing Local Culture and Customs: By taking a Jeep tour you can get a chance to meet the locals who are living in rural places. There you can learn about their unique lifestyle and can try different local dishes that are hard to find in urban areas. You just have to tell the tour operator to make stops at local villages and rural areas. 

Best Destination In Israel to Explore by Jeep

Now the question is what are the best places for a jeep tour? Well, there is a lot Israel can offer. Here is a list of places for your convenience. 

  1. Negev Desert: This is one of the best places for a jeep journey. This place in the southern region will allow you to experience the real off-road thrill through an exhilarating journey. Here you will be able to explore the remote oasis, ancient canyons and wide desert expanse.
  2. Galilee Region: This place in northern Israel is famous for its breathtaking views and lush landscape. The spiritual atmosphere of this place will surely calm your mind. You can make stops at important archaeological sites and local wineries. 

Judean Desert: Taking a jeep tour in this area will offer you an experience blended with history, nature and adventure. You can also discover hidden waterfalls and beautiful pools.

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