The Process of Print Production of Custom Postcards From Concept to Creation


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Custom postcards offer a personal touch in a digital world. Postcards are used for business promotions, holiday greetings, and personal messages. A well-designed postcard can make a lasting impression.

But have you ever wondered what goes into the process of creating these custom postcards?

Here’s a detailed look at the journey of print production.

Conceptualization and Design

The print production process starts with conceptualization and design. This involves brainstorming.

You research target-audience preferences. You create a visual concept that captures your message.

Once the concept is finalized, graphic designers use specialized software to create a digital mockup of the postcard. This is where colors, images, fonts, and layout are combined to bring your vision to life. Print production jobs need close attention to detail. Even a small mistake can harm the final product.

Prepress Preparation

After the design is finalized, the prepress preparation stage begins. This is where the digital mockup is converted into a format suitable for print. The postcard is carefully checked and proofread to ensure everything looks as intended.

3D printed products are becoming increasingly popular in the print production process. 3D printing allows for more complex designs.

It brings a new level of customization to postcard production. This stage also involves choosing the type of paper and finish for the postcard, as well as determining the printing method.


The printing process can vary depending on the type of printer used and the complexity of the design. Generally, postcards are printed on large sheets which are then cut down into individual pieces.

Postcards can be printed in various ways. These include offset, digital, or letterpress. Each has unique pros and cons.

The print production team chooses the best method for each job. They do this to ensure the final product meets the desired quality.

Finishing and Quality Control

Once printed, postcards go through a finishing process that includes trimming, folding, perforating, or laminating if required. This stage also involves a quality control check to ensure the colors, text, and design are accurate and meet the client’s specifications.

The quality control process is crucial to the success of print production, as it ensures that the final product is free from any defects or errors. Any issues found during this stage can be addressed before the postcards are delivered to the client.

Packaging and Shipping

After finishing and quality control, the postcards are packaged according to the client’s requirements. This might include bundling in specific quantities or inserting into envelopes for mailing.

The finished postcards are then shipped to their final destination, ready to be distributed and make an impact. This marks the end of the print production process, but it’s just the beginning for the postcards and their journey to connect with others.

Understanding the Process of Print Production

The print production process is a detailed and intricate journey that transforms an idea into a tangible, personalized postcard. It involves collaboration between designers, printers, and quality control teams to ensure the final product meets desired standards. So the next time you receive a custom postcard, take a moment to appreciate the effort and skill that went into creating it – from concept to delivery.

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